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Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Estate Planning – What Everyone Should Know

Estate planning is a wonderful thing. It is a wonderful way for you to enjoy your property and assets now, and a wonderful to plan for your loved ones to enjoy your property and assets later. Estate planning used to be thought of for only the super-rich. The truth is that estate planning is smart for both large and for small estates. In this article, we will discuss the facts that everyone should know before beginning the estate planning process. You should always consult your financial professional about estate planning and any other financial decisions or plans. Ian Filippini is a skilled, reliable and knowledgeable financial professional. In this article Ian Filippini will briefly discuss the ins and outs of estate planning that everyone should know. Ian Filippini urges you to take what you learn to your own financial profession to begin your estate planning process.

Ian Filippini thinks the most important thing to consider about estate planning is how much you are worth. This includes everything that you own, and also any debts that you may owe, including taxes. Ian Filippini stresses that this is the starting point to the estate planning process.

Ian Filippini says that the next important thing to think about during estate planning is who you would like your assets to go to. This can be a hard thing to think about, but Ian Filippini stresses that it is very important and will make the distribution of your assets later much easier.

Another thing Ian Filippini wants to highlight when beginning to estate planning process is when you want your beneficiaries to receive their inheritance. Ian Filippini says that they do not have to receive it upon your death, you can decide on another time, or stipulation in the future.

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