Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Why Should You Consider Retiring Here In Santa Barbara?

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Ian Filippini Santa Barbara says for starters, you should consider moving to this amazing beach town because of the ice cream! Yes, the ice cream in the cups is totally worth it, to be precise, its heaven in a cup. People living here already know this, and those who might be moving here from other states should know this.

Ok, now on a serious note, as Ian Filippini Santa Barbara from Filippini Financial Group, in Santa Barbra explains, the scenario right now might be something like this; you are of old age now and you have been saving up for an amazing retirement plan. However, as days come closer for you to take an action, you are doubtful if moving to France or Italy is what you always wanted.

Not to worry, this is natural for you to consider, as when you started saving, the economy was in a much better condition, and now it has changed. So what do you think is the most practical way out there? What do you think you should do to have the same, planned quality of retirement life without compromising on any aspect at all? Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, one of the most popular wealth management experts, says, “Retire here, in Santa Barbara!” and he has solid reasons!

You Can Take a Hike Here

If you live in Santa Barbara, you might know that it is wedged between Santa Ynez and the Pacific Coastline mountains, and there is not a better way to check out Santa Barbara then from the top! The view with the Spanish style architecture in Downtown, the boulevards lined up with a fleet of palm trees, and the distant islands are eye candy for a bit afternoon good time!

You Can Get Educated or Educate at the World’s Most Beautiful Community College

The Santa Barbara City College is probably among the world’s most beautiful community colleges. Sitting on a cliff, where it gives mesmerizing views of the ocean and the islands. The whole college premises almost looks like a movie set! You can live your dream by retiring with the college degree you always wanted or if teaching is your passion, why not try here!

There Is All The Green You Need Here

Are you one of those people who look forward to retiring to a heavenly natural place, with greenery all around, at an arm’s length to the beach? If so, why not stay in Santa Barbara? Ian Filippini from Filippini Financial Group explains that after the oil spill disaster settled down in 1969, Santa Barbara has been all about environmental preservation. You will love to live here, close to the beach, under the shadow of palm trees, with the wind in your hair and sand below your feet!

Staying Healthy Is More Than Just A Lifestyle Here

People living here probably jog/run more, exercise more, and eat more than the people in your last city, that’s because everyone here takes their health seriously. Whenever you hit the beach, you will find people soaking up some Vitamin D, while they work out, or play sports like volleyball!

Your Sea-World Is Here

Just off the coastline of Santa Barbara, you will see the Channel Island National Park. Each of the five islands here is exploding with ecological diversity, and you can expect to have the best water sports and diving experience here in the protected waters!

Nature And Greenery Is Not Just Everything!

Ian Filippini from Filippini Financial Group, here in Santa Barbara explains that if you want to retire to a naturally beautiful destination, then you should remind yourself that while nature and greenery are your primary concerns, you want shops and stores nearby too. The State Street here is the main hub of retail stores and on Tuesdays, you can expect to get any vegetable you want here, as the street turns into a farmer’s market!

Santa Barbara Is the Original Hollywood

Due to its naturally scenic views, Santa Barbara attracted filmmakers even before Hollywood existed. California’s first professional movie studio was opened here, and the streets were loaded with stars and paparazzi’s, but Santa Barbara later passed it on to Los Angeles!

These are some reasons why you should consider moving to the beautiful Santa Barbara or staying here for your retirement; it is not just beautiful, it’s postcard beautiful! You can expect to rent a place here to stay or if you are packing good money, you can purchase a place of your own! As it goes with most things, you get exactly what you pay for – and the last tip from Ian Filippini is – keep an eye on your budget!