Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Newspapers in Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves the news. It is always nice to have a heads – up of what is going on in the community where he operates his company, Filippini Wealth Management, and the city that he loves to call his own. There are a few ways that Mr. Filippini –and the rest of the world –can learn the latest news, and that includes with the local newspapers. The Filippini Wealth management Inc. agency receives their paper each day, and you can be sure that Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is reading from cover to finish.

The Newspapers in SB

Santa Barbara has two newspapers (yes, you will find both on the coffee table at Filippini Wealth Management Inc.) Those papers are the Santa Barbara Independent and the Santa Barbara News Press. The offices to these papers are both located in the downtown area of the city. Which paper is most popular? Well, that is pretty hard to determine, since they both have high readership volume, as well as online versions that are easily accessible from your computer, mobile device or other electronical means.

The News Press

The News Press was originally brought out by T.M. Storke. The paper has been serving the community with the latest news in the city for the past 60 years, and is the leading newspaper even today. The paper prides itself on reporting all of the latest news in a timely and accurate fashion. Each newspaper features color photos and well written information. Online and print versions of the paper can be accessed, and the daily paper has all of the latest news, events and more.

The Independent

The SB Independent newspaper has a motto of ‘Who. What. Now.’ The paper announces local news, breaking stories and entertainment news. This paper is not as old and established as The News Press, however, it has been around for 25 years already.   There is a calendar of events included in the paper so that you can plan what you want to do for the weekend. The entertainment portion of the newspaper is the biggest difference between the two papers, and the Independent focuses more attention on this area than the News Press. The Independent has an online news site as well.

Other Sources of News in Santa Barbara

The SB Daily Sound is another paper available in the city. It is published five days per week, and inside of the pages you will find all of the latest local news around. They also have an online paper for your convenience, and of course pages with social media sites such as Facebook.

The Montecito Journal is another paper that you can pick up to learn the latest and greatest about Santa Barbara. This paper focuses its attention on news that is taking place in the Montecito area of town, and you will find news, information, events and more inside.

Family Life Magazine is not a newspaper, however, it is a publication that is very much worthy of your time. The magazine focuses on families that reside in the city of Santa Barbara, and each monthly issue is packed to the brim with news for parents of children of all ages.    Whether you are looking for something to do in the city, have questions about raising your child or need information about schools, this is the magazine to turn to for accurate information.

Choosing your Paper

Which paper will you pick up in the morning? Well, the answer to that question really depends on the type of news that you are looking for. If you want to know more about the city and the things that are taking place, it is probably the Independent that is best suited for your needs. When it is actual, factual news that you need, The News Press is unbeatable. But, both papers are very affordable, so why not read them both? You will find sections in each paper that is worth your time. And, of course, you cannot leave out all of the other great papers that you can find available in the city. No matter what kind of news you want, there is a paper in the city that is ready to give it to you.