Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Public Gardens in Santa Barbara

If you enjoy nature at its best, the array of public gardens found in Santa Barbara will suit you well. Long walks and strolls through beautiful, lush gardens is enjoyable day in and day out, and there’s no shortage of great places to visit. The magical gardens in the city can take you away to that special place, and you’ll never want to come back to the real world again. If you have never visited one of the public gardens located in the city, a real treat awaits; a treat that allows you to really stop and smell the roses! And, if you’ve been fortunate enough to have already experienced this pleasure, there is no reason to stay away.

Take a look at some of the public gardens offered in Santa Barbara, and be sure to plan to make your way to a few of them.

Casa Del Herrero

Located in the Montecito area, the Casa Del Herrero public garden sits on the estate George Washington Smith built in 1925, and things haven’t changed a lot since that time. This is one of the only gardens and estates with that claim to fame, and you are sure to enjoy the taste of yesteryear that is offered. You can explore glorious Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and beautiful and colorful flowers, palm trees and greenery.

The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden

The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden is beautiful by every definition of the word, as well as one of the most popular botanical gardens in Southern California. It also happens to be one of the oldest botanical gardens in the United Stats. Most of the garden is filled with botanical plants native to the state. More than 1,000 different types of plants can be viewed at the botanical Gardens.

Ganna Waskia Lotusland

Ganna Waskia Lotusland is a beautiful place to spend any day or night. It is a beautiful 37-acre garden filled with delightful tropical plants that have come from around the world.  Many special events take place at LotusLand, and daily tours are available.  If you are abl to attend one of the special events, make sure that you add it to the to-do list. They are unforgettable memories in the making.

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While you’re out visiting these beautiful gardens, stop in and say hello to Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, the president of Filippini Wealth Management Inc.  The Filippini Wealth Management Inc. company specializes in financial matters small and large, and helping you keep more money in your hands where it belongs. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and his team can provide assistance with services ranging from insurance to estate planning and everything in between. They’ll be glad to help you with all of your needs.

A.C. Postel Memorial Rose Garden

The A.C. Postel Memorial Rose Garden has been a part of the city since 1955. There are a wide variety of rose types in the garden, all colorful and strategically placed to take you to a faraway serenity of peace. This award-winning garden offers memberships, and is open daily for tours. If you enjoy roses, this is definitely a stop that you will want to make. This garden has new additions regular, and is breathtaking to view.

Your Splendid Santa Barbara Day

Weekday or weekend, solo or with the family, visiting one or all of these botanical gardens should be among the plans that you have. These gardens are near perfection, and there is no question that you will enjoy the scenery, as well as the immaculate ambiance that you find with your visit.