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Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Help when you’re in Need: Santa Barbara Steps up to the Plate

Santa Barbara has a number of programs and organizations in the area to help individuals facing hardships preventing them from paying their rent, a utility bill or even purchasing food for their home.

Catholic Charities is one of the community’s most well-known agencies. They provide a number of services to those in need, including a rent assistance program, assistance with energy and utility bills, food and clothing and more. Additionally, members of the community can find credit and debt counseling offered. Ian Filippini recommends supporting this organization because of the vast assistance they provide to the community.

Alexander House Foundation provides assistance to senior citizens in the community. Among the services offered include rental assistance, prescription medication and medical bill assistance, food boxes and help with dental bills.

If you need help with housing, the Housing Authority may be a resource that you want to turn to for help. They offer a number of different services to low-income residents of the community, including  section 8 housing, assistance with mortgage payment, first-time homebuyers assistance, counseling for foreclosure and assistance with debt reduction. Again, the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. and Ian Filippini recommend supporting such an organization which can help provide housing assistance to the community.

The Salvation Army is another fine member of the community offering services to those in need. they offer financial assistance to help with energy and utility bills, rent and for medications. The Salvation Army is a USDA Commodity Distribution site as well. The commodity distribution program helps those in need with food. During the holidays the Salvation Army steps up to help low-income families who might otherwise be unable to celebrate the joys that come along with this very special time of the year.

The Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. is a wealth advisory company in Santa Barbara. Although they do not offer financial assistance of any kind, they can help you with a number of services that can help you build your wealth, and better plan for your finances today. Ian Filippini is president of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc., and he along with the members of the team offer personalized retirement planning, insurance, savings help and much more.

Bringing our Community Home is a homeless prevention program in the city. This group offers financial assistance to people who are facing eviction due to not paying their rent. They can also assist with security deposits, energy bills and utility bills. In special circumstances the organization may also be able to help with relocation costs as well as medications that are used for mental health and may contribute to problems with rental costs.

People helping People is a program operated by the Santa Ynez valley. They provide programs that help prevent eviction and prevent homelessness. Food is also available, along with transportation, temporary shelter and utility bill assistance.

The CAC offers several different programs to those in need in the area. They have a Home Energy Assistance Program that can help with cash to cover electric bills. The organization also offers a weatherization program that helps people who need air conditioners or other services to improve their homes, as well as several services to seniors in the area. The CAC receives a limited amount of funding per year for these various programs, and application deadlines are in place. Contact the CAC to learn those deadlines and other important information.