Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Why Do You Need An Estate Plan? The Top 5 Reasons

There are a number of reasons why people prefer to consult an estate-planning lawyer in their early years, the answer lies in future planning. Safeguarding your property assets should always be your first priority and ensuring that all your real estate passes on to your heirs in a hassle free way.

Ian Filippini from Filippini Wealth Management in Santa Barbara explains that when you have a substantial amount of real estate, you should focus on creating a plan to manage your real estate, when you are alive and when you are gone.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider getting an estate plan:

Avoid Hassle And Mess In The Future

A large number of people prefer to go for a real estate plan when they witness the hassle they could be facing. No estate planning usually means wasting money and time resources. When you have a estate plan at hand, you have a trusted person to look after the distribution of your wealth when you are gone. Who will get what, when will they get it, and how much will they get? These are some questions, which might be bothering you regarding your assets. When you have an estate plan, these questions should be the least of your concerns.

Safeguarding Assets

Asset protection planning has been growing in the recent years at a whopping pace, and people who already have a well-established estate plan seem to be updating it. This is largely because of the fear of law suits, once you suspect that you might be tackling a law suit in the future, it is too late to implement the plan.

Getting a financial plan and a perfect estate plan, preferably from an advisory service like Filippini Financial Group in Santa Barbara can help ensure that your beneficiaries get the assets when you are gone and your assets are safe when you are here.

No Probate

One of the most common reasons why people go for estate planning is that they get to avoid probate. While a large number of people don’t even deal with probate, but they do know one thing about it- they want to avoid it. Estate planning offers a legal and easy way to avoid probate.

Cutting down Estate Taxes

The sizeable reduction in the payment if state and federal taxes like inheritance and estate taxes is another reason why you should get an estate plan. Ian Filippini from Filippini Financial Group explains that through basic, systematic planning, married couples can substantially reduce estate taxes or even eliminate them by setting up a Trust as part of their will. Moreover, there are a number of other legal loopholes, which married couples or even individuals can use to reduce their estate taxes, or even better, eliminate them.

Ensuring That Your Beneficiaries Get What You Left For Them!

As Ian Filippini from Filippini Financial Group in Santa Barbara explains that mostly people go for estate planning for two reasons:

  • For the protection of minor beneficiaries, who are still not of age
  • For the protection of adult beneficiaries who are prone to making bad decisions, or have credit issues or spouse issues

In case the beneficiary is a minor, then according to state laws, there should be a guardian or a caretaker to look after the minor’s needs, and finances until the minor becomes an adult. You are advised to avoid wasting money and time, by selecting a caretaker or guardian for your minor beneficiary. This way you can ensure that, your minors will not be suffering after you leave and they will get what is rightfully theirs.

On the other hand, if the beneficiary is too old, or an adult who is bad at making financial decisions, or someone who has relationship issues and you fear the spouse would be taking over the inheritance, then you have the option to create an estate plan that will protect the beneficiary from making irrational decisions. More importantly, your estate plan has the power to protect your beneficiaries from any sort of problems later.

You Will Feel Better Once You Have An Estate Plan!

Ian Filippini explains that once people know that they have an estate plan in place, they are more likely to live happy in the future, as they know that their assets and their family, everything is safeguarded, in their presence and it will be safely handled when they are gone.

If you are looking forward to getting your estate plan, be sure to contact, Filippini Financial Group in Santa Barbara, where professionals like Ian Filippini work with you to create the best estate plan!






Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Where To Invest – Residential Or Commercial Properties?

The idea of buying commercial property itself is really exciting! Commercial properties like offices, buildings, and industrial spaces offer great value for money, and might even turn out to be comparatively more profitable than residential properties. However, investing is all about sowing now and reaping later. Do you think buying a commercial property really helps you accomplish your investment goals?

If you are looking to purchase commercial or residential properties, be sure to contact Ian Filippini from Filippini Financial Group in Santa Barbara for sound financial advice.

However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t be checking out any commercial properties. Today’s economic trends prove beneficial for those with a diverse portfolio of investment properties. But if you have to choose between residential and commercial properties, here are some reasons why you should go for residential:

Segmented Liquidity

When you purchase a huge commercial property, you only have two choices – to sell it, or to sit on it a few years till the prices rise in your favor. On the other hand, if you own a diverse portfolio of residential properties, you always have the choice to keep some and sell some if needed. This is what is called a diversely segmented liquidation strategy.

As an expert in real estate investment, Ian Filippini explains that it takes different numbers of days in each market to sell different types of properties, and ending up with a chunk of residential property is not what you want; rather you should be focusing on diversifying your portfolio. Diversify your portfolio by buying different residential properties in different markets, so that you have an easy exit strategy.

Geographic Considerations

Being a real estate investor, you might know that buying a large residential property like an office building or a mall, gives you a major stake in the entire commercial area. So if the market around you doesn’t perform so well, chances are you won’t be making much profits out of your commercial property investment either.

On the other hand, you can diversify your portfolio with a number of small residential properties across the map, so that if one market fails to perform, you only get to bear a minimal loss and your overall portfolio stays comparatively consistent.

Virtualization Of Offices And Retail Stores

A large number of offices are focusing on digitalizing their procedures to cut down the overheads. This is in not only Santa Barbara, but all around the world. Ian Filippini from Filippini Financial Group explains that introduction of cloud computing, the virtualization of retail stores, and the large number of corporations point to the fact that physical locations like stores, buildings, and offices are going to witness a gradual decrease in demand.

On the contrary, we have residential properties and there is an inevitable, ever growing need for residential units.

Increase In Rental Demand For Single-Family Units

Just like the way offices are cutting down on physical locations, the same way, rental demand for single-family homes is increasing. All of it points to the basics of economics, says Ian Filippini – it is the simple demand and supply rule. Houses are shelters for families and unlike offices and corporations; there is no virtualization for residential properties.

In the recent economic trends, a large number of homeowners have been selling their properties on a short notice, and falling back into the rental market. Now most of them are not qualified to buy residential properties, so they rent. They prefer to rent single-family residential units over apartments as they were previously living in houses. This plays an important role in making your residential investment portfolio strong and profitable in the end.

Ian Filippini from Filippini Financial Group in Santa Barbara is among the top wealth management advisors here and he strongly suggests analyzing the current economic trends before making investment decisions. Moreover, it makes sense to consider the reasonably strong advantages of residential investment properties over commercial.

The secret behind creating a powerful and profitable investment portfolio is diversification, given that it is done the right way. Commercial properties depict a falling demand, as according to the recent trends of technology and virtualization a large number of corporations are looking forward to minimizing overheads. On the other hand, the economic downfall in the past left homeowners selling their homes to end up in the rental market again, this fueled the demand for rental properties.

Call Ian Filippini today for the best wealth management advices in Santa Barbara! The professionals at Filippini Financial Group are highly skilled and courteous, and they don’t hesitate to conduct one-on-one meetings to give you a better idea of the best options you have!

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Public Gardens in Santa Barbara

If you enjoy nature at its best, the array of public gardens found in Santa Barbara will suit you well. Long walks and strolls through beautiful, lush gardens is enjoyable day in and day out, and there’s no shortage of great places to visit. The magical gardens in the city can take you away to that special place, and you’ll never want to come back to the real world again. If you have never visited one of the public gardens located in the city, a real treat awaits; a treat that allows you to really stop and smell the roses! And, if you’ve been fortunate enough to have already experienced this pleasure, there is no reason to stay away.

Take a look at some of the public gardens offered in Santa Barbara, and be sure to plan to make your way to a few of them.

Casa Del Herrero

Located in the Montecito area, the Casa Del Herrero public garden sits on the estate George Washington Smith built in 1925, and things haven’t changed a lot since that time. This is one of the only gardens and estates with that claim to fame, and you are sure to enjoy the taste of yesteryear that is offered. You can explore glorious Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and beautiful and colorful flowers, palm trees and greenery.

The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden

The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden is beautiful by every definition of the word, as well as one of the most popular botanical gardens in Southern California. It also happens to be one of the oldest botanical gardens in the United Stats. Most of the garden is filled with botanical plants native to the state. More than 1,000 different types of plants can be viewed at the botanical Gardens.

Ganna Waskia Lotusland

Ganna Waskia Lotusland is a beautiful place to spend any day or night. It is a beautiful 37-acre garden filled with delightful tropical plants that have come from around the world.  Many special events take place at LotusLand, and daily tours are available.  If you are abl to attend one of the special events, make sure that you add it to the to-do list. They are unforgettable memories in the making.

Say Hello to the Filippini Wealth Management Inc. Company

While you’re out visiting these beautiful gardens, stop in and say hello to Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, the president of Filippini Wealth Management Inc.  The Filippini Wealth Management Inc. company specializes in financial matters small and large, and helping you keep more money in your hands where it belongs. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and his team can provide assistance with services ranging from insurance to estate planning and everything in between. They’ll be glad to help you with all of your needs.

A.C. Postel Memorial Rose Garden

The A.C. Postel Memorial Rose Garden has been a part of the city since 1955. There are a wide variety of rose types in the garden, all colorful and strategically placed to take you to a faraway serenity of peace. This award-winning garden offers memberships, and is open daily for tours. If you enjoy roses, this is definitely a stop that you will want to make. This garden has new additions regular, and is breathtaking to view.

Your Splendid Santa Barbara Day

Weekday or weekend, solo or with the family, visiting one or all of these botanical gardens should be among the plans that you have. These gardens are near perfection, and there is no question that you will enjoy the scenery, as well as the immaculate ambiance that you find with your visit.


Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Newspapers in Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves the news. It is always nice to have a heads – up of what is going on in the community where he operates his company, Filippini Wealth Management, and the city that he loves to call his own. There are a few ways that Mr. Filippini –and the rest of the world –can learn the latest news, and that includes with the local newspapers. The Filippini Wealth management Inc. agency receives their paper each day, and you can be sure that Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is reading from cover to finish.

The Newspapers in SB

Santa Barbara has two newspapers (yes, you will find both on the coffee table at Filippini Wealth Management Inc.) Those papers are the Santa Barbara Independent and the Santa Barbara News Press. The offices to these papers are both located in the downtown area of the city. Which paper is most popular? Well, that is pretty hard to determine, since they both have high readership volume, as well as online versions that are easily accessible from your computer, mobile device or other electronical means.

The News Press

The News Press was originally brought out by T.M. Storke. The paper has been serving the community with the latest news in the city for the past 60 years, and is the leading newspaper even today. The paper prides itself on reporting all of the latest news in a timely and accurate fashion. Each newspaper features color photos and well written information. Online and print versions of the paper can be accessed, and the daily paper has all of the latest news, events and more.

The Independent

The SB Independent newspaper has a motto of ‘Who. What. Now.’ The paper announces local news, breaking stories and entertainment news. This paper is not as old and established as The News Press, however, it has been around for 25 years already.   There is a calendar of events included in the paper so that you can plan what you want to do for the weekend. The entertainment portion of the newspaper is the biggest difference between the two papers, and the Independent focuses more attention on this area than the News Press. The Independent has an online news site as well.

Other Sources of News in Santa Barbara

The SB Daily Sound is another paper available in the city. It is published five days per week, and inside of the pages you will find all of the latest local news around. They also have an online paper for your convenience, and of course pages with social media sites such as Facebook.

The Montecito Journal is another paper that you can pick up to learn the latest and greatest about Santa Barbara. This paper focuses its attention on news that is taking place in the Montecito area of town, and you will find news, information, events and more inside.

Family Life Magazine is not a newspaper, however, it is a publication that is very much worthy of your time. The magazine focuses on families that reside in the city of Santa Barbara, and each monthly issue is packed to the brim with news for parents of children of all ages.    Whether you are looking for something to do in the city, have questions about raising your child or need information about schools, this is the magazine to turn to for accurate information.

Choosing your Paper

Which paper will you pick up in the morning? Well, the answer to that question really depends on the type of news that you are looking for. If you want to know more about the city and the things that are taking place, it is probably the Independent that is best suited for your needs. When it is actual, factual news that you need, The News Press is unbeatable. But, both papers are very affordable, so why not read them both? You will find sections in each paper that is worth your time. And, of course, you cannot leave out all of the other great papers that you can find available in the city. No matter what kind of news you want, there is a paper in the city that is ready to give it to you.


Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Where to go for Catering in Santa Barbara

Where to go for Catering in Santa Barbara

Catering service is needed for a variety of occasions, from weddings and high school reunions and sporting events and after show parties. You want your event to be a success, and a part of that success is having great food as a part of the celebration. Caterers provide just that, with the ability to serve small and large groups with their choice of foods delicious enough to turn any ordinary day into something out of this world.

Catering service eliminates hassle in your day since there is someone else preparing the foods and handling all of the hard work. There’s no reason to try to find the time to cook, and no taking away from other activities that you have planned for the day. The prepared foods are scrumptious and ensure that your guests enjoy the foods they are served.

No matter what the occasion, take a look at some of the best caterers that Santa Barbara has to offer for your event. These caterers will ensure that your event is all that you hoped for it to be and so much more while providing exceptional pricing and world-class service.

Silvergreen Catering

When Ian Filippini and his associates at the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. need catering services, Silvergreen Catering is always one of the first names that come to mind. This has been a top-notch catering service in the area for more than one decade, and residents have come to trust this name when they want fresh, perfectly-prepared foods for their event. Prices are affordable, and guests can choose the healthiest, freshest items from the menu, sure to put a smile upon the face of all guests.

Purejoy Catering

Although Purejoy Catering specializes in wedding catering, they can also prepare foods for a number of other special occasions as well. And, all of those occasions are served with pure joy! All of the foods are prepared fresh with only high-quality ingredients so you can be sure that you are getting just what the crowd wants to taste.

Omni Catering

Omni Catering loves to prepare food, and they can do it for groups of as few as  50 or as many as 500! At Omni Catering, you get more than what you expect, with foods freshly prepared with the best quality ingredients. Another establishment that Ian Filippini and the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. recommend, it is also a catering company that has been awarded the ‘best Santa Barbara Catering Company’ several years in a row.

Santa Barbara Catering

If you want something that tastes like food from the restaurant, Santa Barbara Catering is the company you need to call. This company uses local, homegrown produce as well as seafood, all prepared by a chef who has more than 10 years in the industry. Artisan style meals are the specialty at this catering, but you will also find a variety of other foods to appease all tastes.

Live Oak Grill Catering

Live Oak Grill Catering can help turn your event into a success! Whether there is an upcoming corporate event, a special couple uniting in marriage or another special event, Live Oak grill offers what you want and need for an amazing event. The company has been serving the area for more than 25 years, providing a versatile selection of appetizers, entrees, drinks, and more to make your event all that you want it to be and much more.   Weddings are a specialty at Live Oak Grill catering, but they can handle numerous other events just as fantastically.

SBB Gourmet Catering

SBB Gourmet Catering has been in the city for 10 years. Weddings, corporate events and all others, SBB Gourmet Catering has your needs covered. There are pre-planned menu items to select from, each cooked to perfection and to accommodate the size group that you are entertaining. Prices are affordable, service is outstanding, and you’re sure to love what this catering company can provide to you.

No event that is planned in your future will be a failure when one of these great catering companies is used. Ian Filippini and his specialists at the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. recommend them, and they are longtime residents of the city and know a thing or two about the best in the area. Make sure that you contact these companies when you are searching for the best caterer! While these are just some of the caterers available in the city, they are among the best that you will find, and well worth your time and money.



Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

What is the Stearns Wharf?

What is the Stearns Wharf?

The Stearns Wharf is one of Santa Barbara’s most popular attractions. The wharf has been a part of the community since 1872 after it was built for passenger ships and cargo ships. Later, during the 1930s, the Wharf was used by gamblers boarding for the casino, and again during WWII as a naval installation. These days the wharf serves a different purpose, but one nonetheless exciting. With five million visitors each year, the Wharf has something for everyone. There are restaurants, shops, and many other attractions found within the Wharf.

Fire at the Wharf

The Stearns Wharf has been a part of the city for so long. It has been through many trials and tribulations throughout those years, however, but somehow it has managed to survive them all and remains today. There has been disaster occur to the wharf; there has been mystery at the Wharf. In 1986 there was a fire at the wharf that caused extensive smoke damage. In 1998, another fire occurred. This blaze was in such aurora that it took more than 3 ½ hours for firefighters to extinguish the fire.

Ian Filippini of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. remembers the fire of 1998 all too well. He has lived in the city most of his life, and his family has operated the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. for more than 30 years. It was an event that the whole city was talking about for quite some time. This is just one of the memories of the Stearns Wharf fresh in the mind of Ian Filippini.

Your  Stearns Wharf Agenda

There is something for everyone at the wharf, and if you are like most people you will want to spend the day participating in a variety of the activities available. You can enjoy your day fishing, at a museum, sampling wines, eating at a delicious restaurant or even watching the sea creatures (whales and dolphins in particular) come in and out of the water. There’s also plenty of time to visit the nearby area to enjoy lots of other activities such as arts and crafts, festivals and other beach related activities. It is a good idea to come to Stearns wharf early so you can take in as many of the activities as you possibly can. Any day is well-spent when it is at the Wharf! No matter what it is that you have in mind for the day, you can easily have your cake and eat it too when you head to Stearns Wharf.

Facts about the Wharf

A few important pieces of information that you should know about Stearns Wharf:

  • This is the most popular attraction in Santa Barbara. Both people local to the city enjoy spending their day here, and visitors consider this the must-see attraction. There are more than 5 million visitors to Stearns Wharf each year.
  • Prepare to see pelicans while at Stearns Wharf. There are so many great attractions located on Stearns Wharf, but it is also a place that pelicans love to frequent.
  • Even today people dock their boats on Stearns Wharf. If you are in the city for a boating adventure, perhaps you’d like to dock up and enjoy all that is offered in your free time.
  • Fishing is one of the most participated in activities on the wharf. There’s plenty of catch available, all while being surrounded by the plethora of fun and activities.
  • Stearns Wharf is currently 130 years old.


Final Thoughts

Ian Filippini of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. works in a suit and tie all day. His role as a wealth advisor agent dictates his professionalism and dedication to his job, which he meets hands down and does to the best of his abilities. But, when there is free time, Stearns Wharf is an enjoyable place that Mr. Filippini enjoys spending his time when he can take off the suit and tie, relax and unwind and simply enjoy a little bit of fun for a spell. The Stearns Wharf is an important part of the Santa Barbara history, and there is so much going on day in and day out. There is a reason that so many people fall in love with Stearns Wharf, and if you are ready to experience the full magnitude of the city, this is one stop that must be scheduled on your agenda. Whether you are a resident or just visiting, Stearns Wharf is a place to visit.









Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Luxury Hotels In Santa Barbara

Luxury Hotels in Santa Barbara

Luxury hotels in Santa Barbara make the ambiance of this beautiful city even more plentiful. There are numerous luxury hotels scattered throughout the city, but what are the best luxury hotels for your stay? Ian Filippini, president of Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc., enjoys the fine hotels in the city, and offers you a look at some of his favorites. When you are in town, consider these hotels and stay in the upscale city in style.

Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort

Located in nearby Solvang, Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort has been serving the city since 1946, and is a stay that is well worth the very short drive. The secluded location ensures your stay is filled with plenty of rest and relaxation when you need it, while the plethora of activities ensures that you’re never bored and always enjoying each and every day to the fullest. Horseback riding, on-site fine dining and hiking, golfing and fishing are all choices available for participation at the hotel. The property sits on 10,000 square foot of land, designed as a cattle-ranch style home. Large, spacious rooms are filled with top-of-the line amenities and luxurious bedding, as well as Wi-Fi, iPods, movies and much more. There are meeting rooms available and on-site pools keep you enjoying the sunshine all day long.

Inn of the Spanish Garden

Inn of the Spanish Garden is a Mediterranean-style hotel located in the downtown area of the city. Outside the appeal for the Inn starts with lush landscaped grounds with beautiful fountains and colorful flowers. The intrigue doesn’t stop once you are inside. Guests are treated to a wide variety of amenities, including in-room spa service, indoor pool, outdoor pool, luxurious rooms and much more.  Choose from suites, regular rooms or deluxe rooms and enjoy your time in Santa Barbara! You will love the personalized attention offered at the Inn of the Spanish Garden, and when you factor in all of the fantastic amenities, you can’t go wrong!

Simpson House Inn

Simpson House Inn is a favorite place to stay for Ian Filippini. With such a beautiful and serene setting and an abundance of amenities, it is easy to understand why it is a favorite. This is a favorite hotel of all in the city, in fact, and has been in the city since 1874. The European gardens are very welcoming, and that is only the start of what can be expected from the Simpson House Inn. Choose from a spacious room or cottage for your stay, and enjoy amenities such as fireplaces,  sun decks, fountains and great views. Other amenities included in this inn include non-smoking facility, caring and attentive staff and Wi-Fi in each room.

Fess Parker Doubletree Hotel

As a Hilton hotel, you can always expect an exorbitant amount of luxury when you choose to stay at the Fess Parker Doubletree Hotel. Ian Filippini also favors this facility over the rest in the city, and there is a good chance that you will feel the same way. This hotel is located beachfront, providing a beautiful selection of 24 guest rooms, each nicely and luxuriously equipped to make for a perfect stay. Four on-site restaurants are available, and the hotel is just steps from the beautiful beaches of the Pacific. The Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. usually considers this hotel for their business meetings.

El Encanto

El Encanto is less than one year old, but it is certainly a hotel welcomed by residents and visitors alike. The 20th century-styled hotel offers everything that a traveler could want or need to make their stay fantastic.  This hotel offers an intimate flare and appeal, perfect for weddings and other special occasions. The property sits on seven acres, secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is on-site dining available, as well as a business and meeting room, fitness center, wireless internet access, a spa, outdoor pool and more.

Santa Barbara is a beautiful city indeed, and with these amazing hotels, the city is even more awesome than before. If you have the money to splurge, each of these hotels are worth each and every dime that you spend and more. You will love your stay in the city!  Stop by the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. and say hello to Ian Filippini while you’re here!

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