Ian Filippini: Estate Planning Questions

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Estate Planning Questions

Ian Filippini knows that estate planning can sound like a daunting term.  People ask Ian Filippini all the time: What is estate planning?  According to Ian Filippini, at the very least, an estate plan is something put into place to make sure that your property and assets end up being used and distributed the way you would want them to be in the event of your death or incapacitation.  This is not always an upbeat subject to discuss, but Ian Filippini also knows what an important discussion estate planning is to have with your financial professional.  The truth, according to Ian Filippini, is that a lot of people have questions surrounding wills when it comes to estate planning.  Ian Filippini is very knowledgeable when it comes to estate planning because he is an experienced and knowledgeable financial consultant.  Ian Filippini urges you to consult your own financial professional when seeking out financial advice.  In this article we will briefly discuss the top questions that should be asked during the estate planning process.

A big question that is definitely important, but that Ian Filippini has to remind people to think about sometimes is: who will make healthcare and financial decisions if you become disabled?  Ian Filippini says that if you do become disabled you will need to have a plan on how to pay for your medical care.  Ian Filippini feels that these are all questions to think about in your estate planning.

Another question to think about is if there is a chance that you will have minors as beneficiaries.  There needs to be special instructions upon an occurrence like this.

Lastly, Ian Filippini asks if you have thought about if you will have enough money to pay off your debts and taxes when you die.

Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. was founded by Ian Filippini. He oversees the day to day operations of the business and has his brother, Alex Filippini, close by to lend a hand. Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. is one stop shop designed to provide value to our clients in the areas of taxation, insurance and real estate.  Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. takes the time to understand the client’s goals and the provide the best way to implement them.

No advice is given or intended.  This article is not to be considered legal advice.  Ian Filippini is not an attorney. Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. is not a law firm.

Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. is situated in a town called Montecito. Ian Filippini’s parents, Alfred Filippini (deceased) and Deborah Filippini decided to move the family to the Santa Barbara area.

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