Ian Filippini was born in Walnut Creek, California. When he was a couple of years old his family moved to Pebble Beach where he was raised. Ian Filippini attended Forrest Grove Elementary School in Pacific Grove, California.

When Ian Filippini was younger he enjoyed playing many sports including baseball, soccer, golf, and football. Unfortunately he wasn’t very athletic. Ian’s favorite position in baseball was catcher but his favorite sport growing up was golf – probably because he started playing Pebble Beach at a very young age.

One of Ian Filippini’s favorite events growing up every year was the AT&T National Pro Am (http://www.attpbgolf.com/) where he was able to meet many celebrities such as Jack Lemmon and the world’s best golfers like Mark O’Meara. As part of the AT&T National Pro Am, AT&T provided complimentary lessons and rounds at the best courses in Pebble Beach to all of the resident children.

Ian Filippini developed a strong passion for computers and technology at the young age of 8. It was this passion combined with his love of history that drove him to begin making documentaries at the age of 13. His documentaries included topics such as hate group’s use of the internet to spread their message to America’s youth which placed at the Monterey County History Day.

His most successful documentary, “Fascisti o No?” was awarded by the Constitutional Rights Foundation. CRF asked Ian Filippini to show his documentary at their Annual Spring Dinner, a must-attend dinner for the Los Angeles legal elite, benefactors, and government leaders. This annual event has drawn some of the most inspirational and powerful speakers in American including Vice-President Al Gore; U.S. Supreme Court Justices William Brennan, Abe Fortas, and Antonin Scalia; Rudolf Giuliani; Chief Justice of California Malcom Lucas; Senators George McGovern and Birch Bayh; Governor of Kansas Kathleen Sebelius; Chief of Police William Bratton; Walter Dellinger; Alan Dershowitz; Erwin Chemerinksy; Kathleen Sullivan; Michael Crichton; Michael Beschloss; David Halberstam; Doris Kerns Goodwin; Frank McCourt; David McCullough; Tom Brokaw; Art Buchwald; Jack Nelson; Andy Rooney; and Mike Wallace.

The Constitutional Rights Foundation asked that Ian present a speech at the end of the showing of his documentary. While reluctant to agree to speak given the average audience size in excess of 1,000 attendees Ian Filippini, still a teenager, was graciously counseled and encouraged by that year’s keynote speaker, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam, known for his many successful works such as The Fifties. It was a life changing experience that showed Ian the incredible power of education through public speaking.

The exposure of the Constitutional Rights Foundation dinner caught the attention of a group of Italian Americans and was used in their efforts to obtain a Day of Remembrance from the California House of Representatives. He was asked to provide a private screening to the then Speaker of the California State Assembly, Antonio Villaraigosa, now mayor of Los Angeles.