Ian Filippini: Estate Planning – The First Steps

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Estate Planning – The First Steps

In this article Ian Filippini will discuss estate planning. There are a lot of components to the estate planning process. Estate planning is a smart financial move to make, but it can be a confusing and complicated process along the way. Estate planning is a way to dictate how your property is given out after you die. Estate planning can do a lot of things, but deciding who gets your property, how much and when are some of the main components. Your final health care wishes can also be part of your estate plan. As with all financial planning you should consult your financial professional. Ian Filippini is a knowledgeable and experienced financial professional. In this article Ian Filippini will briefly discuss the steps to take before you begin the estate planning process.

Ian Filippini reminds you to work on your estate plan with your financial professional, but will give you some tips to take care of before you make your appointment.

Ian Filippini says that the first thing to understand and to think about is your age, your health and the amount of wealth that you have. Ian Filippini assures you that all of these factors will come into play during your estate planning process.
Ian Filippini reminds you to think about your goals for your estate plan. What is most important to you? Ian Filippini urges you to write down these goals before your appointment with your financial professional.

Of course one of the most important first steps to take before creating an estate plan, according to Ian Filippini, is to seek out a financial professional. Ian Filippini says to make sure that this professional has all of the appropriate licenses needed to help in your estate planning process.

Take these first steps, and Ian Filippini says your estate planning can start with a smooth beginning!
No advice is given or intended. This article is not to be considered legal advice. Ian Filippini is not a attorney. Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. is not a law firm.

Ian Filippini, the current president of Filippini Wealth Management, Inc., has written a number of articles relating to real estate, insurance, tax, asset protection, financial advice, and estate planning. Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. and Ian Filippini have spent many years using their unique expertise and hands on approach to provide value to hundreds of retirees and pre-retirees in many areas of wealth management.

Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. was originally founded by Ian Filippini’s late father. His name was Alfred Filippini. Ian Filippini’s mother, Deborah Filippini, and brother, Alex Filippini, moved to the Montecito and Santa Barbara area. Filippini Wealth Management, Inc. is situated on Coast Village Road in Montecito, California.

Ian Filippini

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